Take a look at the hints below. We recommend starting from Checkpoint 1 and working your way down to avoid spoilers. 

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Aww, isn't Gina sweet? She even sent you a letter!

Pay attention to what Gina is telling you to do in her letter.

Uh oh! Looks like Gina smudged her letter... I wonder what it said?

Try texting Gina's phone with the complete #ALONETOG---

Text Gina's number (31996) "#ALONETOGETHER" to receive a response.

Did you get Gina's text?

What is Gina asking you?

Don't leave Gina on read!

You better reply to Gina's text, she needs you!

Reply to Gina's text to receive a response. 

Gina's second text really outlined her steps before the time warp. 

Maybe the ad Gina clicked had something to do with it.

Better try out that link!

Click on the link sent to you by Gina on your phone or computer. The link should take you to a website for a product called the Time Duper. 

The Time Duper looks like a pretty sketchy product. 

It seems like a lot of people have had problems with this product. 

I wonder if the Time Duper has a customer service link or something. 

Click on the bottom blue box to a link for the Time Duper Issue Guide. 

Gosh I'm stressed! I wonder what we could do to relax?

Coloring always takes my mind off of things!

Gina gave you so many goodies!

She even left notes on some of them!

I wonder why some of her notes are colored and some aren't?

The color of the notes seems awfully similar to some of the colors on the "Color by Letters"...

Each "Color by Letters" when filled in correctly creates the image of a number. 

The colored notes from Gina on some of the care package items have a number hidden in the message.

The image of the number created by the "Color by Letters" corresponds to the same colored note. Use the written numbers in the colored notes to find the correct order of the number images for the 4 digit code on Puzzle #1. 

The toilet paper has a red note and is the first in the four-digit sequence. The number made by the color red on "Color by Letters" is 2.

The hand sanitizer has a green note and is the second in the four-digit sequence. The number made by the color green on "Color by Letters" is 8.

The wipes have a yellow note and are the third in the four-digit sequence. The number made by the color yellow on "Color by Letters" is 4.

The masks have a blue note and are the fourth in the four-digit sequence. The number made by the color blue on "Color by Letters" is 5.

The solution to Puzzle #1 is 2845


Have you checked out all of Gina's care package items?

Gosh I'm hungry right now!

Got any snacks?

Gina was really nice to leave the receipt but I love trail mix!

The tags on the grocery items sent from Gina have directions hidden in the message. 

The receipt from Gina has the order in which she bought those items. The order in which the items were bought creates the order for each corresponding direction. 

The first item bought was bread and the direction hidden within the attached note was left. 

The second item bought was peanut butter and the direction hidden within the attached note was down. 

The third item bought was trail mix and the direction hidden within the attached note was up. 

The fourth item bought was macaroni & cheese and the direction hidden within the attached note was right. 

The solution to Puzzle #2 is ldur


Social media can be both good and bad in times like these...

I can't remember if I follow Gina on Insta.

Gina's Instagram is filled with great stuff? Does any of it look familiar?

I love Spotify and iTunes! I don't really use Soundcloud but whatever works for Gina!

There are quite a few songs on Gina's Soundcloud playlist! Anything look familiar?

Now would be a great time to play Bingo!

Gina's Instagram has a lot of movies and the tracks on her Soundcloud have a lot of outdoor references.

Match and cross off the movies on Gina's Instagram on your Quarantine Bingo - "Movies to Watch".

Match and cross off the song titles on Gina's Soundcloud Playlist on your Quarantine Bingo- "Outdoor Activities".

These should create a keyboard letter or special character. 

The Quarantine Bingo "Movie to Watch" should make an x. 

The Quarantine Bingo "Outdoor Activities" should make a ]. 

Have you finished all of your Bingo?

Looks like you have everything you need to finish your Bingo!

Is anyone else getting crafty these days?

Is that Jess from New Girl? I love that show!

I don't know about you guys but I really relate to these memes. Especially the baby!

I want a snack! My favorite? Chips!

You might need to use some technology to help you finish up your Bingo.

Are there normally QR codes on chip bags? Weird. 

QR Code not working? Scan here or go to

Jess is doing a few different crafts in the meme. Match the crafts she is partaking in with the "Quarantine Bingo- Creative Activities".

There is a QR code on the chip bags in the baby meme. Scan the QR code and match the website it takes you to with the "Quarantine Bingo- Recipes to Try".

The "Quarantine Bingo- Creative Activities" creates an !

The "Quarantine Bingo- Recipes to Try" creates an =

These are the remaining missing special characters and letters.

Have you used everything in your care package?

What is your schedule like these days?

Gina's schedule seems pretty fun!

The schedule outlined by Gina seems to have a lot of different types of activities on it. 

I wonder why all the Bingos don't necessarily win?

Some of the items listed in Gina's schedule match the topics of the four Quarantine Bingos. 

The order in which Gina does each item creates the order of the corresponding Bingo's special characters/letters for the solution to Puzzle #3. 

The first matching topic on Gina's schedule is "Outdoor Activities". The special character made by this bingo is ]

The second matching topic on Gina's schedule is "Creative Activities". The special character made by this bingo is !

The third matching topic on Gina's schedule is "Recipes to Try". The special character made by this bingo is =

The fourth matching topic on Gina's schedule is "Movies to Watch". The special character made by this bingo is x

The solution to Puzzle #3 is ]!=x


Gosh the picture sent to Gina from Time Duper has a lot of missing letters!

One box leads to another.

What do the boxes spell?

It's okay to use the internet if you don't know the answer!

There are missing numbers under each sea. I wonder what they could be. 

Remember you always need to format coordinates longitude then latitude. 

After filling in the blanks you should be able to spell. 

SULU sea and RED sea. 

Find the missing coordinates for each location to get the time that Gina clicked on the ad before her time warp. 

The Longitude of the Sulu Sea is 8.51 N.

The Latitude of the Red Sea is 38.51 E.

Combine both numbers into one time and you will see that Gina pressed the ad at 08:38. 

Congratulations you've un-duped the Time Duper and released Gina from her time warp! Hoooray!